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Deli Towne U.S.A.

has everything you need to fill your stomach, gas tank and refrigerator all in one place. From snacks and sodas to


es and spirits, Deli Towne U.S.A. has you covered.

Deli Towne USA has been locally owned and operated since 1993. In the ensuing years Deli Towne has tripled in size and won several “Best of Reno” awards during those years. Our mission is to provide friendliness, cleanliness, the largest variety and value of any sandwich deli in the Reno Sparks area. Famous for one of kind breads, including our best selling Dutch Crust, we offer literally thousands of sandwich combinations, using the finest meats and cheeses, with all the toppings you prefer. Whether it be a hot or cold sandwich our famous “only at Deli Towne USA” Tampa-Style Cuban sandwich, we provide the variety and options like no franchise can. Come visit your home town and locally owned favorite, Deli Towne USA.

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